My Book Journey

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Are you a book lover in search of your next literary adventure?
Whether you're a devoted bookworm, a curious student, or a busy professional yearning to carve out time for reading, My book Journey is your perfect guide on this delightful journey!

What is My book Journey?
My book Journey is designed to help book lovers organize and manage their reading journey in a systematic and delightful way. Whether you're an avid reader, a student, or a professional, this template will assist you in keeping track of the books you've read, your reading goals, and your personal insights. With its user-friendly interface and customizable features, this template will become an essential companion in your reading adventures

Here's what the My book Journey Template can do for you:

πŸ“– Book Stats:

  • Visualize your reading progress and habits with the help of number. Track metrics like the number of books read per year, page reading, book purchased, and most genre read

πŸ“– Reading Goals:

  • Set your reading goals for a specific period, such as the number of books to read or pages to cover.

πŸ“– Currently Reading:

  • Track the book(s) you're currently reading, including the Current Page/Chapter.

πŸ“– Completed Books:

  • Record the books you've finished reading, including the Date Completed and a brief Rating or review.

πŸ“– Wishlist:

  • List the books you wish to own or read in the future, even if they are not part of your immediate reading plans

πŸ“– Favorite:

  • Personal reflections from the user about why this particular book is their favorite, what resonated with them, and how it affected them emotionally or intellectually.

πŸ“– Author:

  • The full name of the author of the book. This information is essential for identifying the creator of the work and gaining insights into the author's body of work.

Additional Features:
πŸ““ Book Cover Images: Insert book cover images for each entry to make your reading list visually appealing and easy to navigate.

My Book Journey + Premium

Upgrade to My Book Journey+ enjoy new features as your perfect guide on this delightful reading adventure, with more features and benefits.

New Features:

- Aestetic Design

- Draft

- Bookmark

- Challenge

- Automatically calculate genres book, the author of the book & days read

- Automatic book wish list & favourites of books

- Yearbook statistics updates

- Last edited Time

- Content page each book(review, action, etc)

- My Book Journey On Boarding

Need Help?

feel free to hit me up in the DM's on Twitter at account @heiimiaa

Happy experimental everyone✨

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My Book Journey

23 ratings
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